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It's the best book I've ever written. And it's exactly the type of book I want to write. It's Science-Fiction. And it has magic. Super bad killer robots. Some super hero elements. A little speculative philosophy and scenes that weren't easy to write.

I spent a long time writing this one and I'm proud of it. It's going to have a huge launch week and hopefully a long successful run near the top of the charts. It's free through this Friday night and I'd love for you to snag a copy and let me know what you think of Vagrants. 

Here's the pitch for convenience:

The twelve original AI’s were Gods and their war with one another decimated the planet. But the Apostles didn’t conquer Earth, we gave it to them. 

When they finally stopped fighting each other, nearly 10 billion people had died. In the remnants of society Jeff is sworn to help protect his brother's family from all threats human and robotic. But living within the fragile human coalition in a world of robotic gods is not easy. He knows it’s only a matter of time until an Apostle, or even worse, a vagrant with their miracles, destroys his community once again. 

Vagrants is an epic science-fiction series where multidimensional magic is humanity's only hope against the robotic Gods. Perfect for readers who love determined characters facing incredible odds, giant robots, and captivating magic sequences. 

LENGTH: 395 Pages