On August 11th 2015, my first novel Freelancer was published by Kindle Press. That means I've been an author for over two years. That's wild. And I think wild is a good word to describe how those two years of authoring has been. 

Being an author is not a vey good past time. To just be honest. It takes a lot of time, contrary to popular belief it's very difficult to be good at, it's fantastically competitive, there will likely be people who's reviews of your work make you feel not good, and there's a good chance you'll lose money on the venture. 

It's not all bad though. Thousands of people have read my stories. 114 people were kind enough to leave a review on Freelancer over the years and it's sitting at 4.5 stars on Amazon. Occasionally I get to buy my wife dinner at Jimmy John's with the money the books made. Which is also very cool, because Jimmy John's makes a mean sandwich. 

So to celebrate this anniversary, I've decided to continue to take a fledging new author under my wings. Jacob Wall-Ling is going to release his first novel in 3 days on all major platforms. That's a big deal! And I'm excited to welcome him to the JakeNotJacob blog.

JACOB WAL-LING: Was that the start of the interview?


JACOB WALL-LING: I can confirm it's a book.

JAKE LINGWALL: That's helpful... 

JACOB WALL-LING: It's already a best seller. I can say that as well.

JAKE LINGWALL: Can you? Because it hasn't even been released yet...


JACOB WALL-LING: BAM! Look at that. Number one in it's category. Best Seller confirmed. It's also received the Jacob Wall-Ling 2017 Book of the Year Award. Very prestigious. 

JAKE LINGWALL: No reviews yet though. 

JACOB WALL-LING: It's left the advanced readers speechless.

JAKE LINGWALL: How do you think you'll handle those first reviews? Especially the really negative ones.

JACOB WALL-LING: Like a grown adult. I'll probably sue for defamation, impersonating an officer, and mislabeling products as gluten-free. 

JAKE LINGWALL: Well, if that doesn't entice readers I don't know what will. 

JACOB WALL-LING: The problem with most books is that they spend too much time focusing on the wrong things such as character, plot, setting, word choice, coherency and all that.

JAKE LINGWALL: I didn't ask you a question...

JACOB WALL-LING: I've also found that despite popular opinion, dressing up as a sheep and spending a few weeks trying to convince the herd to adopt you, will not in fact heal your emotional problems. Turns out that sheep are a very prejudice species. Well, that's all I really wanted to say. This interview is over. I'll send you a bill. 

JAKE LINGWALL: That's not how this works. That's not how any of this works. That being said, you can download Jacob's debut novel for free for the next week.