I've been writing books for a few years now. 

At one point I was an international best seller (somewhere in Canada for a few minutes. On Amazon. It checks out). 

I like to think that I have some accomplishments outside of writing as well. I have a couple of degrees. I won an elementary reading competition in 2nd grade. I once ate 5 sushi rolls in one sitting. You know, pretty prestigious stuff. 




Ok. Maybe not by that much. Or even at all. 

Without further ado, I am pleased to announce that for the first time in my career I have the honor and pleasure of being cover quoted. I superlatived?

Even more impressive, I managed the feat without any proper training, or guidance. I'm a natural. My proudest accomplishment can be seen below:


Pretty good right? I think I nailed it. The author Jacob Wall-Ling, reached out to me and I was so honored that I even agreed to host his digital presence on my own website. That means you'll be able to find his books, and blogs posts here as well. It's like two authors for one! One good one (me) and one... well. Other (Jacob). 

More to come! But if you're interested in reading an advanced copy of Jacob's work leave a comment or message me and I can get you set up.