The trailer just came out. I wanted to write down my predictions for the story based on the 2 minute trailer to see I am right in the future. This post contains full spoilers for The Force Awakens, as well as the Last Jedi, because I'm pretty sure I'm right. 

In short, basically it's the Empire Strikes Back.

1) Luke has discovered some sort of hidden truth about the Jedi. We see a map with the Jedi symbol on it, and we see light shining later on a series of books that seem significant. At the end of the trailer Luke says "It's time for the Jedi to end." I believe that means he thinks they need to be "more than Jedi" or that Jedi as they know them, aren't what was originally intended from the books he discovered. 

He helps Rey learn this knowledge for herself (force cave like experience). What that knowledge is? I'm not sure. Part of me thinks it's that the force was never meant to be used for violence. (Rey says she sees violence in the future or something). And perhaps, Luke has become a pacifist that doesn't want to train Rey to be violent, but she insists maybe? This part is a little weaker. But the top part is solid.

I'm a little worried about the "Rey has to teach Luke what it means to be a Jedi again" trope. And that he'll rediscover his jedi'ness from seeing her do heroic stuff. Would feel cliche, but I guess that could work too.

2) The basic plot line is that Rey is being trained, but the bad guys want to get to her. So they set up the trap. We see shots of Poe being suprised and the bay with his x-wing getting trashed. Later we see storm troopers and Captain Phasma walking over that still on fire bay (I think). They're doing this for one reason, to capture the still knocked out Finn. They know that Finn came to save Rey, and that she will do the same. So basically, they take the unconscious Finn and use him as bait to Rey to come and save him (fall into the trap). 

Exactly like Empire Strikes Back. Luke was being trained, he leaves to save his friends. Same things happen this time, but with a few twists probably. Maybe Luke comes with her rather than Yoda just chilling in the swamp. 

This would be sort of a let down as the Force Awakens followed A New Hope so closely, but why wouldn't they keep that formula going with their most beloved move (Empire Strikes Back)? 

3) Poe's x-wing gets destroyed which means he's going to get some super special, new ultra ship. For toy marketing purposes. Pretty confident on this one. 

4) The Kylo Ren destroyed mask is a little perplexing. I'm not sure I've figured out how that plays into things? Maybe it's a sign of redemption. Or maybe he refuses to take the honor of being like Vadar until he defeats his foes. And he destroys his mask until he can beat Rey (which is why he sets up the trap). 

Anyways, loved the trailer. Red dirt was awesome. Space battle was awesome.