First things first, the bad news: Epoch Shift did not get selected for publication by Kindle Press. 

I did mention how I thought that this novel might not be a good fit for them currently, and it turns out that, that gut feeling was accurate. It was actually written with the intention of being self-published to help build my mailing list, it was only a late decision to give Kindle Press a chance to look at the novel. 

I have no regrets about the process, as it still provided me a platform for thousands of people who otherwise wouldn't have seen my novel to get an early look at it. In fact, by page count and trending hours, it was my most successful campaign yet, so I'm super encouraged by that feedback. 

The good news? Epoch Shift has been published on Amazon is now available to the general public! In many ways self-publishing is a better fit for this particular novel and I'm excited to see what happens with this new series. 

Check it out on Amazon!