The Unseen, is officially up on the Kindle Scout website!

 I described the campaign for Freelancer as "the longest 30 days of my life." Turns out, I was wrong about that for so many reasons, but the sentiment remains. Why would I possibly put myself through that harrowing process again? Because Kindle Scout is awesome and Kindle Press is a fantastic publisher. That's why. 

In fact, it's only because of the amazing response that readers have had to Freelancer, that The Unseen even exists. I wrote my debut novel to be completely stand alone. I hate cliff hangers and wanted Freelancer, to be a satisfying journey in its own right. However, I fell in love with the characters and when other people did too I knew I had no choice but to write a sequel. 

So now we have book 2, The Unseen, out in front of the world. Thirty days of me checking the "hot and trending" category every hour at quarter past the hour to see if my work has made the cut. Despite how stressful the process is, I couldn't enjoy it more (weird I know). I love that my readers get a copy of my finished book for free and that I get to be part of such an amazing community. Here's to hoping this campaign goes as well as the last!

Please, do me a huge favor and nominate The Unseen, on Kindle Scout. (Click Here!)