I bought a new house last year. When I say "new" house I mean, "new new". Which has been great. 

Except newly built homes don't come with yards. 

So I bought a yard. I liked the idea of putting in a yard myself, but I didn't like the idea of actually spending all that time to put it in. Now, we have a yard and it's beautiful. We love it. We play soccer with our puppy dog Otto. We kick the ball back and forth across the grass and he chases after it. It's adorable. Last night, we even set up a projector and watched a movie on the side of the house. It was also wonderful. 

But, I didn't own anything to take care of my yard. So I had to buy a lawn mower, weed wacker, rake, fertilizer, weed killer ETC. 

After having to buy so many things, I really didn't want to hassle with buying gas every other week to power my lawn mower. Plus, electric mowers are quieter and save the planet. So win-win-win. Except, they are way more expensive. =( But, with the gas and hassle savings I figured it would pay off. 

So here we are a month later and my charger for the battery dies. =/ Now I have to send in a warranty claim and go through all of that process. 

Makes me wish I would have just bought a gas mower instead. Sometimes it's so hard to save the planet.