Freelancer, launched last night making me an officially published author. Pretty exciting times. I'm not sure when being an author became something I wanted to be. I remember starting to write a book about magic swords way back in the day. I made it like 2 pages and gave up for the next 15 years. 

But now, after a couple of real work, I'm a real author. My book has been available for pre-order for about two weeks now. I've come to learn the Amazon sales rank well already. It's their magical formula that determines how many books are selling better than your book. I debuted at 35,000! That didn't really impress me then to be honest. But then it fell over the coming days and even hit as low as 300,000 <--- Not Great. 

But, it climbed the last few days and has been chilling at around 70,000. But that was when it was in pre-order. I fell asleep last night before my book launched expecting to see that number jump in the morning. Who knows, maybe it would even be an overnight best seller!

Turns out it wasn't even an overnight seller. 

The sales rank dropped down to the low 100,000's this morning. What a dissappointment. I guess I'll have to learn the hard part of being an author now that I have a book published: trying to sale it.