I think this is the 10th iteration of my personal website in the last two years. I always have a reason for redoing things. Either my hosting was up, or I needed to write it for a project, or I wanted to learn an language or any other number of things. 

This time, instead of writing it from scratch I've decided to just use a professional service. They are good enough and cheap enough now that it makes a lot of sense. While I enjoy having complete code control over my website, I find that I don't spend enough time getting my personal user experience high enough. Meaning, that it becomes to difficult for me to post new updates and features without going through a whole build process that I don't automate. 

For the non-tech person, that means I don't put in enough work to make posting updates easy.

So we'll see how squarespace treats me. So far, I've been quite pleased with it.